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From Nuclear and Industry, to Rail, Aviation and Asset Management.

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With over 2000 man-years in nuclear power generation operations, RB Safety Consultants possess an intrinsic knowledge of the Civil and Defence nuclear sectors.

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P3M Experience

RBSC has a proven track record of P3M delivery to the Defence enterprise to ensure timely delivery of activity to performance coupled with a pedigree in driving down cost.

Safety and Engineering

Beyond P3M, the substantial experience that RBSC possesses has delivered considerable benefit to clients in the majority of the recognised technical specialisms for safety and engineering either in the design, engineering and operations or maintenance and disposal phases of the product lifecycle.

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Supportability Engineering

Provision of strategic and tactical implementation of Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support deliverables, providing through-build and and through-life support.

Risk, Resilience & Cyber Security

With a detailed understanding of Industry risk, resilience and cyber security, our staff can provide direct leadership and management support in terms of cyber security threats, physical security and resilience activities.

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Supporting Multi-Domain Defence with a focus on Nuclear, Marine, Weapon Systems and Logistics.

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