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Change Management

Safety Case Transition and Implementation

Delivery of a modern product and associated safety case presents challenges to the support community that firstly accepts and subsequently manages these through life. This challenge is increased if the current support arrangements have to accommodate different products with disparate Safety Management Arrangements.

RB Safety have experience of Safety Management throughout the product life cycle and across various industry sectors. This knowledge was used to assist in both the presentation and facilitation of information and due process to enable product safety acceptance to be achieved.

In addition this knowledge in conjunction with a structured review of current arrangements, adapted the organisations and processes involved to enable the current Safety Management Arrangements to remain broadly unchanged.

The key benefit of this work was to ensure a seamless delivery and support route for a new and novel product into an existing well proven multi billion pound support environment. However at all times ensuring that the safety assurance of the product both during delivery and subsequently through the in-service phase was not compromised.

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