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European International Submarine Races

RB Safety were delighted to be asked to support the European International Submarine Races between 5-16 July 2016, supplying one of the carefully selected judges. The competition runs every 2 y

ears in the UK with teams from all over the world competing from various universities. The competition is limited to just 12 teams due to space/time in the tank with the teams being made up of any students not just engineers.

The submarines can be powered by 1 or 2 people, are free flood and must be fitted with a safety buoy released by a deadmans handle. Pilots must carry a bail out set with air being provided inside the boat for the pilot. Dry inspections give marks for the boats out of the water and are judged against the design criteria set out in the rules. Wet inspections require the boats to prove the safety buoy operation and the pilot bail out

The race takes place over two laps of a pre determined course that features a speed section and also an agility section, the later is changed daily to provide a greater challenge. Electronic timing gates and independent judges time the start, finish and timing gates, as well as markers buoys there is a line on the tanks floor that pilots can follow. There are penalties awarded for hitting buoys, dragging buoys, missing slalom gates, hitting nets and broaching.

The event was a huge success and RB Safety have already been asked to participate in the next UK round of the event scheduled for 2018.

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