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RB Safety Consultants Ltd at the Oscars

RB Safety Consultants are really delighted to be sponsoring an award at this years Royal Navy Submarine Oscars in Glasgow on 28 May 22. The Submarine Oscars celebrate and recognise outstanding performance in a range of Submarine Service team and individual categories. We are sponsoring a new award, the Orpheus Trophy, awarded to the individual or group who have made a significant contribution to submarine safety during the year, either at sea or in the support arena.

We have named the trophy in recognition of Orpheus, the musician who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts and was recognised for saving his fellow travellers lives at sea during their encounter with the Sirens at Sirenum Scopuli. Orpheus was also an Oberon Class SSK, in service with the Royal Navy until 1994, and as such the name maintains a link between the trophy, the individual or group contribution to safety at sea and the Submarine Service.

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