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Astute Class Submarine Equipment Management

An RB Safety team was engaged to undertake a “new to service” Equipment Management review of the Astute Class Submarines. The task was to identify shortfalls and to develop an improved support strategy and solution for a complex nuclear Ministry of Defence (MOD) programme. Much of the project challenge focussed on taking existing, traditional process and recalibrating them to meet the emerging requirements of managing a platform using Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).

The Team reviewed processes for equipment design, receipt, storage and audit assurance, critically reviewing preventative and corrective maintenance regimes. Through this process they identified and mapped through life maintenance requirements and processes, mapped support equipment, inventory and consumables. Additionally, the Team helped to establish, where needed, the critical spares forecasts and support contracts to ensure timely supply of spares for key maintenance periods and rectification of operational defects. Critically, the Team supported the MOD with integrating the benefits and increased efficiency that can be gained in working with the Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) approach to increase efficiency of maintenance by integrating a more agile, responsive, demand-led supply chain response. This also had the benefit of reducing the cost of providing support by preplanning all aspects of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and allowed the client to define and audit the support requirements aligned to the system design intent.

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