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Aviation Case Study – Ship/Air Integration (SAI)

RB Safety were tasked to provide the ship/air interface Subject Matter Expert as part of a joint team in support of a task to review the management of the safety elements of SAI. This was a precursor to the development of a new SAI Safety Management Architecture for DE&S Ships to meet the published principles, current legislation and the safety requirements of Navy Command (NC).

The team were tasked to look at the Ship/Air Interface Safety Outputs and to provide a report to DE&S of recommendations to permit a new DE&S SAI Architecture to be developed.

Specific personnel were requested due to their experience and expertise in SAI, including the ability to form and shape policy. This included experience as lead engineer for aviation standards and practices afloat, and for recent SAI ship design experience for a number of aviation-capable platforms.

RB Safety combined their SAI experience with current aviation regulatory knowledge and experience in ship design to assist in delivery of a fit-for-purpose product for the customer which provided the clarity of safety outputs to be addressed in the follow-on phases for SAI architecture development.

Specifically the team provided;

  • Subject matter expert experience of operating aviation afloat

  • Critical review of policy against current safety, airworthiness and regulatory advice and guidelines

  • Practical experience of interfacing aviation elements within a constrained environment

  • Challenge to current DefStan advice where appropriate

  • Peer review of final report

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