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Ordnance Munitions Explosives (OME) Safety Management Systems

UK Law requires that the MOD manage the safety and environmental risks associated with military systems effectively. This includes the safety-critical documentation that define the authorised operations of the submarine Tactical Weapon Systems (TWS). RB Safety personnel conducted an investigation into the system in place and an assessment of its effectiveness in assuring safe operations. Shortcomings were identified including a significant backlog in change approvals. A recommended rigorous safety management system was designed and developed that governs the change management and use of Tactical Weapons Operating Procedures in Submarines (TWOPS). This suite of mandatory submarine OME operating instructions and technical information underpins the Submarine Platform Safety Case.

RB Safety successfully delivered the TWOPS Change Management Plan (TCMP) that provides a key statement of Submarine Combat System Design intent, drawing together the legislation, regulation and policy associated with the safe operation of the Tactical Weapon System. The TCMP OME safety management system was introduced and managed for over 4 years by RB Safety personnel, providing a more robust, assured, auditable and transparent process for the control of TWOPS, ensuring adherence to corporate safety and environment policy.

A Handbook was drafted (now formally published) that provides a detailed understanding of the reasons behind the control and defines the boundaries of the TWS as well as providing the guide to ensure consistency of approach for future documentation sets. Other tasking within this area included a full audit of 636 procedures with over 7000 non-compliances identified that were subsequently and successfully managed though the TCMP.

The expert understanding and independent handling of sometimes multifaceted and nuanced issues by the RBSC individual regularly drew significant praise from the significant stakeholder base.

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